The new one

Hey girls! (:

I will tell you my story. Well just a tiny bit of it:
I was always watching make up gurus on youtube, blogs. Everyday, when I came back home I just sat down and watched all videos about especially EYE make up and blogs about nail polish! I absolutely love these two things! ♥
So one day I decided that I want to share ideas, swatches with you, bloggers! I created this blog possibly in January and I got lazy and posted nothing, until today!
I'm going to be showing you swatches of nail polishes, maybe some nail art, giving you some advice on make up, showing my created eye looks.
I'm hoping to get some friends here so we maybe could share/trade our ideas or maybe even stuff. (:
I really want to metion and thank few ladies: - for inspiring me to make this blog, because I really LOVE this blog and of course I wanted to post swatches just like you! (:
Okay, so that's all for now, I hope that someone will read this! (: